Don Fisher Backpack


Curator: You can never forget this once you set your eyes on it.

Bringing a smile to everyone's face, these original, fun, cute, and sustainable fish-shaped backpacks are made of 100% cotton fabric. Every bonito is handmade, from design to the last stitch.

Material: 100% cotton

Adult Size:
Biddy: 65 cm x 54 cm (51.5 x 36 cm usable space), 200g
Whale Shark: 71 cm x 59 cm (52.5 x 43 cm usable space), 200g

Kids Size:
Biddy: 49.5 cm x 42.5 cm (36.5 x 29 cm usable space), 115g
Whale Shark: 53cm x 43 cm (39 x 32 cm usable space), 115g

Handmade in Spain

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