Exhibition: Preview the Future

A Preview into the Future of design with the most novel and futuristic design concepts that were carefully selected by an independent jury panel of design experts from the international Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The most latest 2023/2024 collection is the Winners’ Exhibition and provides a glimpse into visionary and cutting-edge research projects that are leading the industry forward. This exhibition is a barometer of what you will see in your every day life in the future.

Red Dot Award For Design Concept

Red Dot Award For Design Concept is organised from Singapore and is the leading international design award among all kinds of inventions, novelty designs and aesthetic designs that are not in the market. Believing a design concept must be evaluated based on its design merit without prejudice, the award created an unprecedented platform that accepts entries from companies to design students. Today, the award has grown to be the largest and most recognised professional design competition for design concept and prototypes worldwide.

Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook

Purchase the 2023/2024 Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook which is also the exhibition catalog for Exhibition: A Preview of the Future.

Includes full descriptions of the winning works as well as profiles of the designers.