Red Dot Design Museum Singapore

A boutique museum along the Waterfront Promenade at the Marina Bay. Red Dot Design Museum is the physical embodiment of the international Red Dot Design Award. Over 500 award winning design works are exhibited from one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

In 1955, the “Ständige Schau Formschöner Industrieerzeugnisse” (Permanent Show of Elegant Industrial Products) was established in Villa Hügel in Essen, Germany. It evolved over the years to become the Red Dot Design Museum.

Every year, design experts which make up the jury for Red Dot Design Award convene to decide which works from product design, design concept and communication design to be awarded.

Design entries were tested, discussed and assessed for their innovative design quality based on different criteria depending on their tasks and purposes. Only the best pass through rigorous adjudication process to receive the coveted Red Dot quality seal.

In 2017, the Singapore Red Dot Design Museum moved to its present location along the Marina Bay after a 12 year period since it was first established in 2005 along Maxwell Road. A visit to the museum is more than just an education trip by entering into a world of design.

Museum Architecture

The formerly known Marina Bay City Gallery used to showcase city planners' blueprints for the Marina Bay district. The full glass building was designed by by Cox Architects and takes on a strong geometrical form and comprises of playful composition of structural steel elements and large overhanging roofs that reflects the dynamism of Marina Bay. When Red Dot Design Museum took over the building in 2017, it was refurbished by MAKK Architects. A mezzanine was added, creating two levels of exhibition spaces to the museum.

Home to the Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore is home to the Red Dot Award for Design Concept. The largest and most prestigious award at a professional level, for design concepts and “ready to launch” products, the highlight of this award is the impressive award ceremony and the winners’ exhibition held at the museum, showcasing the most groundbreaking and innovative designs leading the way in the industry.