Loopy Lou Recording Device


Curator: Authentic and handmade to deliver a full package of fun and joy.  Be imaginative, gift it with your voice message, accompanied by some self-created sounds.

Handmade voice recording gadgets that encourage creativity; simple & fun! With recorder and pitch control, you can have so much fun amusing yourself, creating music, anything. Perfect for inspired children over three and a half years old, teenage rappers, design-savvy adults, and musicians of all stripes. Other than the recorder, pitch control knob and 1/8” output jack, there is also a loop switch that puts your recording on repeat and take it to the next level.

Handheld gadget is 4in x 3.25in x 2in
2-AAA batteries included
1/8” output jack for headphones/ speakers/ recording studio gear
30-second record sampler
Handmade in USA with sustainable wood

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