Petit Qoobo: A small cushion with a wagging tail


Curator: We thought Qoobo was our favourite and now we are wavering.  This smaller version is less hugable but reacts to sound and has a "heartbeat". Maybe the best is to keep the family together.

Your little companion that comforts and enriches your lives. Petit Qoobo is the new sibling of Qoobo. This tail-wagging robot is a therapeutic device for whoever needs a cuddly companion. It reacts not only to the user's stroking but also to voices and sound. And when you are cuddling Petit Qoobo, you will be able to hear its "heart" beat.

Power: Rechargeable battery
Battery Run Time: 8+ hours
Size: W210 x H110 xD 280 mm
Weight: Approx. 600g

Charging cable: Liquid crystal polymer
Cushion: Polyester, Zinc alloy

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