Tool Pen


Curator: Compact and sturdy. An excellent bring-it-everywhere tool to help you fix problems and technical emergencies.

This is your screwdrivers condensed into a single compact, lightweight, and beautiful package. Within the body itself, it holds your most commonly used screwdriver bits, and uses the classic mechanical ‘pop-a-pen’ system commonly found in children’s pencils. Everything is clearly marked, and it even has windows for identifying the bits within the body.

The Tool Pen Premium Edition is good for fixing electronics, bikes, skateboards, glasses, furniture, etc. It comes with 16 standard bits including Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Metric Hexagon (Hex), Star and Robertson (Square) Bits.

The Tool Pen Mini Aplus Edition is for fixing small electronics, game console, laptop, mobile phone, glasses, wristwatch and more. It comes with 22 precision bits including special Torx Security and Pentalobe bits. 

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