Airvase Artist Series - groovisions


Curator: groovisions is a graphic design studio based in Tokyo. We like this collaboration with Airvase that demonstrate the studio's creativity in graphic design. 

groovisions, a design studio active in a variety of media offers a new take on things

Gentle curves or straight edges rendered in two different metal leaves and graphics.

Admire Mt. Fuji in various states of glory throughout the day. The inside is adorned with images of traditional Japanese culture and cities.

Illustrations of all kinds of noodles. Ramen, buckwheat noodles, or spaghetti. 

The Airvase is a paper bowl that envelops air. Depending on how you spread it, you can create various shapes. The paper is thin and light, but when expanded it is rigid and strong enough to stand alone. Each set contains 2 Airvases, each with a different design onfront and back, presenting 4 graphics.

20cm x 20cm, 32 grams

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