Airvase Artist Series - Asao Tokolo


Curator: Artist Asao Tokolo is the creator of Tokyo's Olympic emblem. Tokolo's signature geometric patterns perfectly elevate the geometric cuts of the Airvase.  

Artist Asao Tokolo's decorative patterns are based on the concept of ‘connection’. He designs and creates simple geometric crests and patterns that can be drawn with a ruler and compass, and three dimensional forms using the same principles.

BABEL is a series of small circles expanding progressively larger and creating a wave pattern reminiscent of the tower of Babel. PPP is comprised of an array of curved lines drawn with a compass.

The Airvase is a paper container that can be freely reshaped as it encloses air. Depending on how you spread it, you can create various shapes. Because it is paper, it is thin and light, and when it becomes three-dimensional, the form provides the tension and strength to form a container. 

Package: 1pc
Detail: 20cm x 20cm, 32 grams

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