Airvase - 24 Colours


Curator: It is a beautiful idea to be able to transform two-dimensional colours into three-dimensional objects.  We like how it frees the imagination and its endless possibilities. We like it so much that we use it to create a beautiful installation at the entrance of our design museum.  

'Airvase’ is a paper container that can be freely reshaped as it encloses air. Depending on how you spread it, you can create various shapes. Because it is paper, it is thin and light, and when it becomes three-dimensional, the form provides the tension and strength to form a container.

Airvase 24 Colours features airvases of 24 colours that are splendidly beautiful when spread open, selected from 120 colours of NT RASHA paper from a paper speciality store TAKEO.

200mm x 200mm x 20mm
140 grams

Core Material:

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